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Located in Longxi Road168, SuzhouPaulshen Garment and Accessory Co., LTD is a professional garment enterprise,stemmed from its predecessor, Wuxian Garment Factory, which is established in 1978. Paulshen mainly specializes in various kinds of Jackets, down coats and leisurewear. Paulshen sells the garment under its own brand name and also supplies garments on an OEM basis.

Premium quality, reasonable price and punctual delivery are the most important standards Paulshen insists over years.Paulshen’s annual production sales sum up to about millions of pieces.With its passion and expertise, Paulshen is confident to deliver what you what when you want it.


Paulshen is proud of its expertise and at the same time always acts as a responsible enterprise. Paulshen made donations to Wenchuancharities and delivered clothes to Yushu after the catastrophic earthquake in 2008. Paulshen, as the member of “the Next Generation Working Committee ”, cares about the youth in China and shoulder the social resposiblity.

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