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Paulshen Timeline

The initial Stage:

1986.10.07 Wuxian Garment Factory, Paulshen’s predecessor registered the trademark “保圣 BAOSHENG”.

1996.07.05 Wuxian Garment Factory changed its name into Suzhou Baosheng Garment Factory according to the decision of Suzhou Planning Committee.

1996.11.07 Change the trademark from “保圣 BAOSHENG” into “保圣 PAULSHEN” with registration number 893368.

It developed the“80” and use this material to make the advanced Paulshen T-shirts. This collection got population in Suzhou and Nanjing, and was chosen as the diplomatic gift of Wuxian Government.


The turning poing

In 1998, because of the Financial Crisis and the following reform of enterprises, the operation of Paulshen brand suspended.

During this time, it began OME form and its cooperation includes: MISU


Development of brand

In 2001, Pualshen registered 25 trademarks “双+tommyatkins”、“PAULSHEN”、“托咪”、“P图案”、“P旗” successively in order

to improve the brand. In terms of technology, the enterprise introduced CAD and graphics hardware equipment and at the same

 time, there exist a professional team in manufacturing, marketing and E-commerce.


Brand’s today and future

The enterprise mainly has three brands:“Paulshen”(advanced T-shirt brand), “双旗+tommyatkins” 

(Jackets and down coat Leisure brand ) and “SUPERLEAGUE” (female fashion brand). Establish a world brand 

“PAULSHENTOMMYATKINS” which combines the Chinese and Western features and unites the past and the future. 

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